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February 2016 argument Archives » The Argument
Balancing Act

The “That’ll Do” philosophy

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Aiming for perfection reduces risk and halts progress. I have in the past joked that I am going to write a self-help book called That’ll Do. At work and at home I feel the most relief and happiness when, after obsessing forever over something, I think: “sod it, it’s good enough.”


An end to soul-searching

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We need to address the challenges of the future and seize the opportunities they present. Many commentators have still not realised the extent to which the financial crisis of 2008 rocked people’s confidence.

Time to focus on Clause I

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We know the “what” and the “why”, but does Labour know the “how” and the “when”? Philip Collins provides a comprehensive overview of what Labour needs to do, and why we need to do it, offering helpful insight whether we’re refreshing our understanding of party history, or coming to it new.

A return to power and purpose

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The centre left needs to rebuild politically. It also needs to start thinking again. Once dominant, parties of the centre left now look bereft of ideas and energy. The clarity of opposition to the status quo provided by the far left and far right has, on mainland Europe, attracted voters in their millions.

Why The Argument?

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The failure of the centre left has been building for some time. Over the last few years, we have failed to carry out the hard work of politics in publicly developing our policy and our politics for the modern world. Commentators all have their own take on what we have done badly. If we want to now improve our position we must base it in part on our analysis of what we have done wrong in the last few years.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

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Labour is confused about its purpose. Rediscovering it starts with an examination of future demographic and societal shifts By Sonia Sodha | Read the counterargument by Chris Evans The American political strategist Jim Messina likes to remind his clients that the average voter thinks about politics for around four minutes a week. It is easily […]