A Europe that leaves no-one behind

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By Peter Kyle MP The argument strongly believes that the centre left only really triumphs when it mobilises a national and international political message of hope. In this country Labours three great majorities were for winning the peace in 1945; harnessing technology on the side of the people in 1966 and ensuring that the economy […]

New Generation, New Politics

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Making Politics fit for the next generation By Peter Kyle MP Our political institutions may feel weird to many of us who are inside them. To young people looking in, they are truly bizarre It is the method and form of what passes for our politics that is our biggest problem. There is nothing strange […]

Why The Argument?

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The failure of the centre left has been building for some time. Over the last few years, we have failed to carry out the hard work of politics in publicly developing our policy and our politics for the modern world. Commentators all have their own take on what we have done badly. If we want to now improve our position we must base it in part on our analysis of what we have done wrong in the last few years.