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The road to the referendum

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Discontents with globalisation brought us to the point where Britain’s place in Europe is at stake – and will have to be addressed whatever the outcome on 23 June By Pat McFadden Britain’s postwar view of ourselves and our role in the world, shaped by victory in the second world war, saw a choice between […]

Time to make the case for patriotic progressivism

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We now have to throw our all into winning a victory for remain. Defeat on Europe would represent a much wider defeat for British social democracy By Roger Liddle The alarm bells are ringing: the 23 June referendum is on a knife-edge. A significant part of what was once seen as Labour’s “core” working-class vote […]

More Europe, not less

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EU supporters are not a bunch of nostalgics who stubbornly defend an obsolete legacy: they are lucid observers of international realities By Lia Quartapelle When, at the height of eurozone crisis, the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, it was all too easy for its detractors to voice their criticisms. They mocked the […]

Age old problems

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Young people need trade unions, but the unions will have to change to attract their support. Trade union members in the private sector earn on average eight per cent more than their non-unionised colleagues, this increases to almost 21 per cent in the public sector Trade unions have had a great century: gaining paid holiday, […]

Adapt or Perish

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Political parties risk a bleak future if they do not recognise how young people want to do politics. When asked what they would do differently if starting a political party, young people put much greater emphasis on the use of social media. The world is changing and political parties are failing to keep pace. Without […]

Our Future Under Pressure

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We are facing a national crisis as the social contract between generations comes under increasing strain By Georgia Gould In politics the established rules no longer seem to apply. Whether it is a Trump rally, a Black Lives Matter protest or a Momentum meeting in London, young faces shine out from pictures, actively rejecting the […]

A return to power and purpose

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The centre left needs to rebuild politically. It also needs to start thinking again. Once dominant, parties of the centre left now look bereft of ideas and energy. The clarity of opposition to the status quo provided by the far left and far right has, on mainland Europe, attracted voters in their millions.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

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Labour is confused about its purpose. Rediscovering it starts with an examination of future demographic and societal shifts By Sonia Sodha | Read the counterargument by Chris Evans The American political strategist Jim Messina likes to remind his clients that the average voter thinks about politics for around four minutes a week. It is easily […]

Winter Forest, Scott Wylie

The way out of the wood

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Labour’s current crisis is primarily a crisis of the intellect. The Labour party is at a crisis point, of that there can be no doubt. After the defeat of Ed Miliband in the 2015 general election the party came to a fork in the path through the wood.